I walk alone, with my friends and with my husband. I practise Yoga. I read all sorts of books. Just this year I have started running - its amazing!  I have two gorgeous grown up daughters and an amazing group of friends with whom I enjoy life. I like travelling by train. I can make good chocolate brownies!

This is what I do, but who am I?  The only way you will really know is to come and meet me, please do.  I asked a friend (the creator of the gorgeous artwork on this site) what she thought and if you click here you’ll find out what she said (I love my friends!!)

I started life as a baby, don’t we all, and became a small child.  I sometimes feel I’m still there!  Small child is good!

I have a degree in Geology, worked as a personnel manager, brought up two wonderful daughters, ran a fresh food retail business with my husband for 20 years, qualified as a healer, Indian head massage practitioner and then fell into my skin and became a massage therapist.

I trained at the inspirational Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork (BCMB) with Andy Fagg and Char Storer and found a way of living that feeds all my passions.

I love and enjoy my massage practice in Lower Moor, Worcestershire.  I am an MTI tutor and   fortunate to be part of the teaching team at BCMB in both Worcester and Bristol having previously assisted at Meridian in Birmingham, another fabulous provider of professional massage training.   I offer supervision via group or individual sessions, another activity close to my heart.

Guess that’ll do for now, its an interesting process writing about who you are!! 

Try it sometime!

Me?        Who am I?      Gosh big questions!       I’ll try!

Oh and I’m known to lots of people as Bear!  That’s me too!

I continue to learn via many post graduate courses, with professional supervision with Andy Fagg and my own personal continuing bodywork sessions.