Who is it for?

Anyone, everyone, you!

Do you want to relax to relieve stress life has placed on your body?

Do you want deep work to release muscles and mobilise joints strained from sport, gardening, work, life?

Do you want to address emotional needs?

Do you want to explore the effects on your body of your personal history, your whole life??

Do you want to celebrate?

Want your life to change?

Do you want all of this?

Maybe you are well and feel you have no problems then massage is a wonderful enjoyable experience helping you to maintain that fabulous state of well being.

It’s for you!

Holistic Massage and Bodywork

What is it? 

What do I do?

What I do is create an individual massage for you.    A massage for the whole of  you  - physical, mental and emotional.

Together we may work physically with massage including deep work to release muscles and mobilise joints. This may help to support all systems of your body not just your muscles. We may create a massage to relax and release stress or address emotional needs. Some of my clients have long term chronic or life limiting illnesses and find massage helpful in living with these conditions.

We will probably find the massage includes all of this for all of you.

An exciting dimension of massage can involve, if you wish, exploration of the effect our personal history has had on our bodies over our lifetime.  This can lead to exciting changes in our energy, physical bodies and personal growth.

Massage will help put you back in touch with your body, something in our world of the mind many of us have lost. 

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