Date and Walnut Cake

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This is the cake my aunt has made for hundreds of charity events - and for my tea - and its fab.  She got the recipe from Edna Rostron - and I always thought it was my aunt’s until I asked her - for me it is her recipe!

Pre heat oven to 170C

Grease and line a 2lb loaf tin or round 8inch cake tin

8 oz plain flour

4 oz margarine (I use butter!)

3 oz brown sugar

1 teasp Bicarb. soda

12 oz dates

2 oz walnuts

Rub fat into flour.  Mix in brown sugar and bicarb soda.  Cut dates into small pieces checking for stones and add to flour mixture.  Place walnuts in plastic bag and grind with rolling pin.  Add sufficient milk to make sticky cake mixture but not too sloppy.  Into lined cake tin and cook for 1 hour.  Test to check if cooked and continue for further 15 minutes if necessary.  Leave in tin until almost cool then place on cooling rack.  Eat!